Artists Statement

My paintings are lyrical abstractions inspired by my love of nature, especially landscape, and it's elements: form, movement, light, and what I perceive to be its "essence" – an energy or quality that goes beyond visual appearance. 

 I see the world as animated by an organic force. Matter is never inert, but swells and sways with an animating spirit. My paintings express the essence and energy of nature and depict the earth as a source of healing.

In this I am guided by my lifelong involvement in meditation, mythology and shamanism. I create beauty as well as explore the mystical aspects of the world we live in.

My paintings explore landscapes as abstraction by simplifying the image into basic shape, color and form. I prefer large movements and patterns to representational description. The colors are saturated with many layers of applied translucent color. There is nothing to hold on to in this ephemeral and ever-changing universe.

My work expresses a serpentine, lyrical and rhythmic movement of sensuous swirling form, undulating edges and forms that flow into each other as waves of color and light.  Everything is alive and in motion-- as the entire universe is alive.

They are not depictions of visually perceived form, but the experience of the essence of nature and life force energy and its expression through paint.

– Linda Jacobson